November 29, 2005

First Cut, Citizen Media Evolution

This is a first cut of a documentary on podcasting/vlogging that my friend, Audrey, created for one of her classes. I am featured in it, among others.

You can expect to see an extended, re-worked version of this soon, featuring more vlog and podcast content, fixed audio issues, and typos corrected.

If you have any feedback for Audrey as she works on the second cut, leave a comment. UPDATE: I had to disable comments due to spam. until I get it sorted it out, you can email me at brad at kozlek dot com

Video Here

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November 07, 2005


Pixelpeople contemplate the nature of God-alien.

This was my contribution to this month's 54hours.

I made this with a perl script. I have long had the idea to write perl scripts to edit image files that could then be assembled into a movie. I finally decided to try it out. It was quite a learning experience, and If I ever try to do this again, it will be from a much greater starting point. I know it is a strange way to go about creating an animation, but I am drawn to using equations and numbers to create an animation rather than some new-fangled wysiwyg editor with key frames and paths and the like.

I spent an inordinate amount of time on this one, given the result. Although I am happy I did this, because I think I will probably expand on this one day...


watch video

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