July 14, 2005

vlog watching update

I have not had the time to watch many video blogs lately. I am like three weeks behind. sucks. I think I am going to have to cut down my 264 subscription in ant to maybe 50. Who will make the cut and who will simply be cut? I don't know. Although it would a great to spin this into some kind vlogosphere survivor/apprentice reality show competition.

While I have your attention, I would like to point you over to Better Bad News, and their sister vlog (for subscribing in your aggregator of choice). I know most in the vlogosphere have seen this site, but I like to think of this vlog as a vital linkage between the vlog world and the blog world. So, if you haven't yet, check out Better Bad News. Seriously. You will dig it.

thank you and good night.

Posted by brad at July 14, 2005 11:12 PM