June 28, 2004

Random Kettle

It has been a long time. But I am back. Been a little busy.

During my hiatus, I discovered Shrook. It is nifty. It has a few features that I like better than NetNewsWire Lite. I like the horizontal oriented interface - perfect for us wide screen types. It does the nifty trick of rendering the actual webpage via webkit right in the app. Not bad. There is something overall about the interface I find unsettling, though. I am using the thirty day trial now. Don't know if I would pay for this, especially when netnewswire lite is so solid and so nice.

I am also wanting to set up some blogs to play around with internally at work. I am now lamenting the new licensing of movable type. I think I might try grey matter.

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June 03, 2004

Mac OS X and .local

Very cool. I guess it was obvious, but I just realized it now. You can actually use the ".local" address to connect to another computer on your network. So if I have an iMac and name it "zardoz" I can run ssh zardoz.local on my powerbook and it automatically connects to my iMac.

Like, I said, I guess it was obvious. The line "Other computers on your local subnet can reach your computer at xxxxx.local" should have tipped me off. I just thought this was a weird apple sharing type thing. Didn't realize it worked with any old tcp app.

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