May 28, 2004

Deep Space Nine

I have to say that Deep Space Nine is totally awesome. I very much enjoy its large cast soap-opera, super huge space battle, excellent character drama format. I just wish spike would show them in order, instead of their screwed up system of showing two parters every friday night out of order, then skipping over the two parters later.

DS9 is making me giddy right now as I type this.

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May 20, 2004

Angel Finale

Well, I have had a day to let it sink in. I can talk about it now.
There is not much to say. It was awesome.
a rather illogical plot, but a very emotionally powerful episode nonetheless. Good job, folks. An excellent ending.

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May 16, 2004

Preakness Announcement

Despite how many times I hear it, the word "preakness" continues to hurt my brain. At least this year "Smarty Jones" actually sounds like the name of some sort of being, as opposed the usual race horse name, e.g. "The Kids Are In The Back Seat, Honey" or "My Oh My, Cheddar and Apple Pie"

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May 15, 2004

Angel (Super spoilerific)

Well there is only one episode left. The show is set to go out with a bang, but like the last season of Buffy, the show's bang is limited to a quick ending in the last episode.

Overall I did like this past Wednesday's episode. It seems like this whole season they kept stressing the moral decline of the gang, at the end the gang would realize how they were going astray, and then they would repeat next episode. I guess i felt there was a lack of forward momentum with this idea. It just kinda stagnated all season until the end, and we are now actually seeing something happen. It was like they had to keep it in a holding pattern all year for the final explosive finale. This reminds me of the pattern in the last season of Buffy. Every episode they would just hit us over the head with how evil and powerful the first was, and Buffy would throw a bitchy tantrum. Then in the last episode, they resolve it. oh well.

I have really grown to like Illyria, which I in no way expected. I really hated seeing her get beaten. Is Drogan really dead? I actually thought Angel might save him at the last minute. I think there is still a possibility he will show up in the last episode.

another thought: what ever happened to those cyborgs (or were they androids) from that episode with Wes's dad.

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Hopefully one day I will stop wanting more.

So the sandwichman is talking about the value of less. Although I agree with the sentiment he expresses, I came across his post at the same time I was trying to figure out how many thousands of dollars it would take to remodel my computer room to look like the cockpit of a Starfleet runabout.

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May 12, 2004



Right now, this movie is no. 2 on one of my many lists.

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Sometimes a teacher isn't a person, but an event.

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May 06, 2004

BluePhoneMenu and DockFun!

Two apps I have found recently.

BluePhoneMenu - I have just started to play around with this. It looks pretty cool. Monitor your cell phone from your Mac.

Then there is DockFun!. This program is a good idea, but overall, it find it unneccesary. It is slightly cumbersome and akward. I think if I worked with it a little more, I might find a better way to include it in my workflow.

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So how about that last night's Angel? Not bad. It was nice to see Angel and Spike bond. I find the running schtick about the immortal to be humorous. It was good that they didn't take the Buffy topic too seriously. Angel's rant about The Immortal eating cookie dough was great. As for the Fred/Illyria plotline: I think they are starting to do what I thought they might after the first Illyria episode, turning Illyria slowly into some sort of half Fred, half Illyria being. Although unfortunately they don't have enough time left in the show to see it through. I wonder how long until Wes breaks down and starts sleeping with Illyria.

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