March 28, 2004

I believe Richard Clarke

Last night as I was falling asleep, I had an idea. Someone that already had the proper strategic positioning could stand to make a small fortune. Unfortunately this is person is not me. The idea: T-Shirts that say "I believe Richard Clarke". I would certainly buy one. Although the t-shirts may not be necessary, as Clarke seems to be doing just fine in defending himself from the attack machine, and I think he may be able to get a majority of Americans on his side. Richard Clarke is a super hero.

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March 27, 2004

Conservative Propagandists Comics

I was searching for images of Sean Hannity to play around with, and I found this. I am not sure what kind of synergy can exist between Hannity and Captain Ribman's Meat Market. Even stranger: this Dick Morris comic doesn't contain, as far as I can tell, Dick Morris. (Although the Mayor in the third frame does look awfully like Phil Hendrie. I definitely miss Phil Hendrie now that they don't air him in my neck of the woods)

After searching for Hannity, I turned to Limbaugh. That is when I found Rush Eats Everything, which I greatly enjoyed. The long comic that explains the universe in which this Limbaugh vignette takes place can be found here.

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March 25, 2004

Perhaps a little too much....

I love my computer way too much. It is scary. I like to look at it. I like to touch it.

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I saw Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind last night. I rather enjoyed it. Actually, I really enjoyed it. A lot. I think I will enjoy it even more when I see it again. Everything came together in this film: The acting, the music, the cinematography, the production design, the writing. The Michel Gondry flava was present, but it did not interfere with the story. On the contrary, I think his little tricks worked in the movie, like the shot where Joel walks seamlessly from barnes and noble into David Cross's apartment. Or that very strange shot of Elijah Wood with the gigantic eyes. In the Gondry video collection, you can see how Gondry takes apart the music and then represents it visually. I am now listening the soundtrack of the movie at the Eternal Sunshine website. Again, there is tight relationship between the music and the visuals. Although this time in reverse. I don't think I noticed it while watching the movie. Actually, when I was watching the movie I was only experiencing it on a very basic, emotional, just go with the flow vibe. I am only thinking about the movie more now.

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March 23, 2004

Final Final Fantasy X update

I have my life back. Last night I finished Final Fantasy X. What a long strange wonderful trip it was. My secret weapon: Yuna with her celestial weapon and holy magic. At the end of my game she was by far the strongest on defense and offense. Ultima Shmultima, Holy is where it's at. That and Anima, of course. I am sure someone somewhere is writing a graduate paper on the game's treatment of religion.

Soon, I shall return to Spira via X-2, but first I think I need a small break from the world of hit points and status ailments.

There is the trailer to Advent Children to keep the final fantasy fires burning. I find myself inspired today to go back and play FF VII again. I never played it all the way through (blasphemy, I know!).

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March 19, 2004

The word, this friday

Fresh snow. Blue sky. Bright sun. Mild air. Today was a fabulous day. Too bad I spent most of it inside a cubicle with almost no natural light. The Days are getting longer, and I like that. I also like when they get shorter. I am easy to please.

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10.3.3 and much rejoicing

Thank you, apple, for fixing the appletalk problems, kind of, with 10.3.3. At least now mounted appletalk volumes show up on the desktop and in the sidebar.

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March 18, 2004

The tether to the shadow world is pulled tightly

While we were enjoying a delicious vegetarian meal, my wife and I tipped our glasses and looked at each other like we were a old adversaries, and I was accepting a challenge to race her across the globe in a hot air balloon. "I shall be in Jakarta within a fortnight!" she declared. I only chuckled maniacally.

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March 17, 2004


I you haven't yet, take notice of the "Recent Images" links on my sidebar. Not because the images are cool, just because I now have those links there. What?

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FFX Update

Last night I acquired Anima and the Magus Sisters. Anima might be the most disturbing thing I have ever seen in Final Fantasy. Especially her oblivion attack. If anyone knows where I can find some large Anima wallpaper, let me know. It won't long now before I take on Sin.

I have been enjoying Final Fantasy X more than any other final fantasy game. I am looking forward to moving on to X-2 after this. Although I will have to take some FF downtime and go back to blowing stuff up good on the Xbox before diving into X-2.

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March 12, 2004

I approve of this message.

I think I am getting ready to fully support John Kerry. The thought of John Kerry winning in November makes me seriously giddy. This is going to be one long fight between now and November. It is getting close to the time to break out the check book and make some donations. It is also time to stock up on a little Kerry merchandise.

I really don't mind becoming a small walking billboard. The John Kerry for President "vintage ringer" is either something that I want to buy or it makes me want to puke. I cannot decide. Maybe I will buy the simple "John Kerry T Shirt". Perhaps I will make my own Kerry T-shirt. This way it will probably fit me better since KerryGear doesn't seem to offer tall sizes.

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March 10, 2004

I play one on TV

Is Kerry taking a tip from the Bartlett playbook? Kerry should really get Sorkin as a speech writer.

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I am writing this from ecto.

How does it work?

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March 09, 2004


Standing still or wandering? This is my question. No matter what the answer, the trip to Pittsburgh was just what the Doctor ordered.

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March 04, 2004

Identity Political

I read this today. It got me thinking a little bit. Yes, many conservatives apply the term "conservative" to individuals as a statement about their morality. They don't apply it to policies. I know some liberals that think the same way. They make a moral judgment against someone that is "conservative". They don't judge the action, but the individual. Or, more rather, they judge the action based on the individual. The judgment of the individual is based on individual's identity of conservative or liberal. I have always realized these things of course, but phrasing them this way helps me understand the world a little better.

If Gore were president and wanted to invade Iraq, the republicans would be having a field day. The spending, engaging in nation building, the US death toll. Why? because if it came from Gore, Republican voters will assume it must be bad. If it comes from Bush, republican voters assume it must be good. Both Democrat and Republican parties play on this voter trait to gain more power. I don't think the parties necessarily think anything is good or bad. They just want the power.

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Smoked Gouda is the best cheese in the world. Seriously.

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Former Presidential Hopeful Receives Medical Attention In the Periphery of Consciousness

Usually as I am laying in bed falling asleep I start having thoughts that I want to post on this blog. Usually I just forget them the next day. Perhaps these really aren't any good thoughts, but they just seem interesting because I am falling asleep, and I am not totally grounded in reality. I will have to get a little notepad to put by the bed to write some of these ideas down. Let's see how they look in the light of day. Of course, since I am a technophile, I could set up some kind of blog posting terminal on my night stand, for no good reason.

As an example of how strange things can get as I am falling asleep, I submit an experience I had last night. I almost want to call it a dream, but I don't think it was a dream. It was half dream, half just strange imagination. I don't think I was asleep. At least, moments after having this experience I was awake, and I never actually woke up. So, could I call my previous state sleep? In any case, as I was laying in bed, I imagined that I was in the kitchen at my office building. A superior of mine was also in the kitchen. He was performing abdominal surgery on Howard Dean using 19th century medical technology.

Writing about it now I realize that the scene was in part inspired by the surgery scenes in Master and Commander, which I just saw this past Sunday.

In any case, this isn't even a representative example of the blog postings I think of at night. Usually they have something to do with materialism and society. I'll have to see if there is some way to bring these thoughts from my shadow sleep realm into our reality. I will keep you posted.

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