January 28, 2004

Why I am glad I don't have a tivo

I would miss catchy slogans like:

Five O'clock shadow, maybe you should change your name.

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Panther File Sharing Sucks

Why, oh why, Panther, must your file sharing interface suck compared to Jaguar?

Why, oh why, do I see /private/var/automount directory in the finder?

Why, oh why, do I see every share I ever connected to in the automount directory?

Why, oh why, do I have to wait minutes after connecting to a share for the icon to change so I can disconnect from the share?

Is it just me?

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January 15, 2004


Recently, the theory of the apollo moon landings being a hoax perpetrated by the US government came up in conversation. It led to me looking up this website. I think it explains pretty plainly why those that believe that there was a hoax are full of crap. Also, having been instructed in rudimentary photographic principals, I too can easily understand why many of the arguments of the hoax crowd are bogus at first glance. Yet, the arguments of hoax believers seem to make sense if you aren't familiar with the disciplines involved, and don't think about them for more than two seconds.

Just imagine how easy it must be to deceive and convince people of things involving even more complex disciplines, like economics and politics. Is our public discourse about policy based on competing hoaxes? Of course, is it any coincidence that the moon walk hoax special aired on the fox network?

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January 13, 2004

Xbox Live

I had the brainstorm that I could use my powerbook to share the 802.11b connection with my xbox via the ethernet cable. So, I signed up for Xbox live using the free two month card that came with DDR ultramix. So far, I am not enjoying it. Why? Because I don't have the skill neccessary to compete. First, I tried MechAssault, and after playing two matches, I managed to score only one kill. Next I tried XIII, after only playing for about five minutes, I managed to get killed 23 times while only achieving one frag myself. Then I tried DDR Ultramix. First I tried to search for a game using light mode. None were found. Then it asked me if I want to host my own game in light mode. I said yes, and within a few seconds we had three other players and the game was on. I only narrowly missed coming in first. Then I tried to find another light mode game: nada. Then I tried a search for any game. Only one match was found. So, I am not so sure what was going on there.

Basically, I don't know if I have the time to get the skill that would be required to play online and have fun. I may be able to cultivate this skill. Only time will tell.

(note: I am typing this in mozilla on win xp while panther is being isntalled on my mac, so many words may be mispelled in this post. I rely very heavily on safari's spell checker)

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Installing Panther.......

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January 08, 2004


So, the VeriSign Root Certificate debacle (as seen on slashdot) kept me busy today. I was trying to figure out why one of my webobjects apps, which previously worked, suddenly out of the blue was unable to make an ssl connection. I soon surmised that something was wrong with the cacerts, and after a lot of searching I found Sun's advisory page about the expiring certificate. And all this before slashdot posted it! D'oh!

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Captain Connector is at it again, folks!

This weekend I am going to take all my various electronics out of the entertainment center and reconfigure how I have everything connected, then put them all back. First I need to test all the various inputs on my television. They all seem to have a noticeable amount of interference, except for one a/v connection in the back. I need to play with this and see what is happening. possibly get a switch and hook everything into that one input? maybe. It sucks because the s-video input seems to get a noticeable amount of interference too. Is this the kind of thing a digital filter can fix? I guess so. I'll let you know how it all turns out. Once it is all done, I will celebrate my watching the Blue Velvet DVD I got for my birthday.

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The Return of the Bling Bling

I am finally starting to put the long christmas break behind. I am 60% back into the normal world now. Blogging will slowly begin to commence.

We are now a two console household. Got a playstation 2 for christmas, and a very large handful of games(both for ps2 and xbox).

Been spending time playing games. Right now I am dividing my game time between splinter cell on xbox and final fantasy X on playstation2. Yes, I am behind in the video game world. I am starting to catch up. I am also playing MechAssault and XIII in there somewhere.

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January 05, 2004


so, obviously, when someone posts a comment to a entry on the index page, that index pages gets updated, which could result in all the entries being removed, if they are all too old. Good to know.

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