October 01, 2004

Strange coincidences

Last night I was relating a story to christine about when I applied for a job at a Bonanza steakhouse when I was 19. At the interview, the manager asked me if I would agree that stealing is always wrong. I sat in complemplative silence for a few moments then replied, "It's usually wrong, but I would not say always". I have this habit of when I am in an akward social setting to start talking like an android that doesn't understand the basic human concepts of conversation, or in this case, "just telling them what they want to hear". I got the job.

This memory came up in conversation last night as we discussed the morality of stealing from the eat'n park salad bar.

And today, I read an article about a book about how bogus personality tests like the myers-briggs are. It includes this snippet:

I had a friend who applied for a part-time job at a clothing store, and she was given a personality test called an "honesty test." She actually failed it, because of a question like "Everybody lies sometimes." She said yes. She didn't get the job and was told that part of the reason was that she had failed the honesty test, because you were supposed to say, "No, I don't lie. People don't lie."

It reminded me of my situation so many years ago. Although with a different outcome.

Anyway, the article about the book is very interesting.

Posted by brad at October 1, 2004 12:18 PM

pardon me sir, our bowling computer is not functioning properly.

Posted by: laf at October 3, 2004 08:50 PM