May 15, 2004

Angel (Super spoilerific)

Well there is only one episode left. The show is set to go out with a bang, but like the last season of Buffy, the show's bang is limited to a quick ending in the last episode.

Overall I did like this past Wednesday's episode. It seems like this whole season they kept stressing the moral decline of the gang, at the end the gang would realize how they were going astray, and then they would repeat next episode. I guess i felt there was a lack of forward momentum with this idea. It just kinda stagnated all season until the end, and we are now actually seeing something happen. It was like they had to keep it in a holding pattern all year for the final explosive finale. This reminds me of the pattern in the last season of Buffy. Every episode they would just hit us over the head with how evil and powerful the first was, and Buffy would throw a bitchy tantrum. Then in the last episode, they resolve it. oh well.

I have really grown to like Illyria, which I in no way expected. I really hated seeing her get beaten. Is Drogan really dead? I actually thought Angel might save him at the last minute. I think there is still a possibility he will show up in the last episode.

another thought: what ever happened to those cyborgs (or were they androids) from that episode with Wes's dad.

Posted by brad at May 15, 2004 03:27 PM

Yeah, the robot cyborgs was a great great idea for the show- were they good or evil? Out to stop the angel crew from getting with WOlfram and Hart? Was it more than that?

I totally agree with you re: the buildup. I love the storytelling on buffy and angel, but lately I really feel like they can't write arcs very well.

If you watch a show like ER there are usually 3 or 4 different stories going through the season, each getting their own attention during an episode, all the while the episode itself doesn't feel like its just carrying along the season. Episodic. Not that this season of angel hasn't been episodic, they just didn't do the arc very well. Instead of a very slow, subtle shift in the way team angel acted towards fighting evil as they got more and more immersed in WR&H, it was exactly like you said. Buffy used to be able to do this, I think. So did Angel. They just can't seem to write out an episode that deals with a lot of things very well, so they end up just driving the point home that wR&h is a corrupting influence, without ever really moving the story along- until this episode at least. Oh well. I have enjoyed this season quite a bit, this past week was pretty good, and I'm looking forward to the finale.

Crash. Bandicoot. Classic! Classic buffy moment, that is.

Posted by: Avec Ships at May 16, 2004 08:57 AM

One point they seemed to be angling for at first, both with the androids and with the slayerettes episode, was eventually Angel would have to come to blows with the "good guys". I think if they allowed the androids plot to develop we would find out that they were mostly good. or maybe good but a little gray-area and Angel is forced to look into the mirror.

And while we are talking about the arcs or lack thereof, What exactly was the point of having lindsay back in this season?

Posted by: Brad at May 16, 2004 03:19 PM