April 21, 2004


Since there are only four more episodes of Angel, one would think they wouldn't be so scared of doing something to seriously screw up the series. I guess I was just overcome by how at the end of the episode, things mostly went back to the status quo. Well, at least we have Wes. We will have to see if this plays any part in the remaining four episodes. It is becoming apparent that the strategy of stand alone episodes is still in effect, even for these final episodes.

It would have been an excellent mind fuck if it ended up that Angel was the only one changed. Reality was never altered, only Angel was. Granted, I know this was impossible given the Cordelia episode. But still an idea that may have had some potential to open up a crazy final story arc? I wonder if they ever considered it?

Posted by brad at April 21, 2004 10:44 PM

is this the one with connor, or was there another one? i just watched that this weekend (from tivo). i liked it pretty much, though i think wes is being ridiculous. actually no, he's terribly grieving so he's a mess. i'm mad at everyone else for not taking him away from bluelady fred, because he clearly is not in his right mind and i think he's under her "spell" or something. not looking good.

Posted by: laf at April 26, 2004 05:50 PM