April 13, 2004

Presidential press conference or dada performance art

I was not sure. From the non-TV-safe tie to the complete inability to organize ideas whatsoever before/while speaking, it was truly a gem. The part where the press simply laughed at his repeated non-answers to the question of why he and Cheney must testify at the same time was pretty choice.

I feel like I am Worf in that episode where he was passing through different quantum realities. (This episode just so happened to be on Spike at the same time as Bush's conference - coincidence? I think not.) Somehow we have all ended up in a universe gone horribly wrong. Technically, I guess everyone is the President in at least one quantum universe. Somewhere I am the president, and GWB is watching from his apartment in stunned disbelief at my inarticulate and bumbling manner. He thinks for a moment, "I could probably do better, how did this joker ever become president? I mean, if I was president, I would probably be better, because I would probably prepare, and actually have more experience speaking in publlic" Oh, If only you knew, sir.

Posted by brad at April 13, 2004 10:48 PM

Cellular peptide cake...with mint frosting.

Posted by: Avec Ships at April 14, 2004 08:28 AM