March 04, 2004

Identity Political

I read this today. It got me thinking a little bit. Yes, many conservatives apply the term "conservative" to individuals as a statement about their morality. They don't apply it to policies. I know some liberals that think the same way. They make a moral judgment against someone that is "conservative". They don't judge the action, but the individual. Or, more rather, they judge the action based on the individual. The judgment of the individual is based on individual's identity of conservative or liberal. I have always realized these things of course, but phrasing them this way helps me understand the world a little better.

If Gore were president and wanted to invade Iraq, the republicans would be having a field day. The spending, engaging in nation building, the US death toll. Why? because if it came from Gore, Republican voters will assume it must be bad. If it comes from Bush, republican voters assume it must be good. Both Democrat and Republican parties play on this voter trait to gain more power. I don't think the parties necessarily think anything is good or bad. They just want the power.

Posted by brad at March 4, 2004 08:10 PM