January 15, 2004


Recently, the theory of the apollo moon landings being a hoax perpetrated by the US government came up in conversation. It led to me looking up this website. I think it explains pretty plainly why those that believe that there was a hoax are full of crap. Also, having been instructed in rudimentary photographic principals, I too can easily understand why many of the arguments of the hoax crowd are bogus at first glance. Yet, the arguments of hoax believers seem to make sense if you aren't familiar with the disciplines involved, and don't think about them for more than two seconds.

Just imagine how easy it must be to deceive and convince people of things involving even more complex disciplines, like economics and politics. Is our public discourse about policy based on competing hoaxes? Of course, is it any coincidence that the moon walk hoax special aired on the fox network?

Posted by brad at January 15, 2004 05:05 PM