November 18, 2003

Many Songs, Played at random.

Well, I am planning a long road trip down the coast in the not too distant future. I do not have an iPod. I do have a CD player in my car. One of my favorite features about iTunes is the ability to play songs randomly from my entire library. So, Captain Connector has a plan. I created a smart playlist in iTunes. I set to pick songs whose length is longer than 0:00 (effectively all songs), and limited the list to 80 minutes selected at random. I also checked live updating.

Now I have a list of songs totally 80 minutes in length. I just click burn, and viola, I have an audio CD. Now I just select all the songs in the list, select clear, and I have another 80 minutes of music. Repeat about 20 times and I have got 26 hours of random music to listen to.

I am currently importing a lot of the wife's music into iTunes, so the stuff she likes can be incorporated into the mix as well.

Posted by brad at November 18, 2003 11:04 PM

a) i think you should start referring to yourself as captain connector from now on.
b) refering to christine as "the wife" hurts my head. "my wife", fine. "the wife", you have become a 50 year old man.

Posted by: laf at November 19, 2003 12:07 PM