November 10, 2003

West Wing

As "Angel" is on at the same time as "West Wing", I end up taping West Wing to watch later. As this season of The Wing has been progresing, I have found myself waiting longer and longer to watch the tape. I finally got around to watching last wednesday's episode today.

"West Wing", as one would expect, totally sucks without Sorkin writing for it. No more intellegent dialogue - Everyone now just screams or whines at everyone else, including the President!! And everyone was way too hard on Josh this episode, especially Leo. Contrast Leo flying off the handle with Josh to Leo's attitude to Josh's job in the episode where he brings in a counselor for Josh's post-traumatic stress disorder. Peter David echoes these thoughts and sums up it nicely: "The series hasn't lost its way; it's lost its mind." I think this may be another example of a show getting new writers who don't know or dont' care what has happened previously in the series.

I wonder how much longer I will even bother to tape "West Wing" while I watch "Angel". And for me, that is saying a lot. Before this season I would only speak of West Wing in the most superlative terms.

Posted by brad at November 10, 2003 11:14 PM